Brew homemade beer - the brewing process made easy

This is a webpage about, how it is possible to brew your own homemade beer. It is very easy to do, and a nice relaxing hobby - with an outcome you and your friends can enjoy! So Why not start to make beer!

Hopping in a Black Hole

Equipment for brewing beer

These pages gives the user a thorough description of the equipment needed to brew beer at home. These pages gives you a complete list of the equipment. That goes from the kettle and strainer, to the fermenter and bottles - all you need to make beer!

All Grain Beer Recipes contains some of the all grain beer recipes I have made myself, with an easy to use guide of how I did it. I have made many different types of beers - from pale ale to wheat beer and stouts. And the list of beer recipes continues to grow the more I brew!

How to make homemade beer - the brewing process

These webpages contains a walkthrough of the whole process of brewing your own beer at home - step-by-step. From the things you need to get ready before you brew, to the sanitizing, fermentation and bottling of the homemade beers!

Beer brewing tools

It is possible to find some of the tools for brewing I have made, to make it easier to make homemade beers! I give the user a way to measure the vol% alcohol, the amount of water needed for sparging and the amount of sugar needed to produce the correct carbon dioxide pressure in your bottles!

Types of beer

There is a description of a variety of types of beers, all grain malts, hops types and yeast types. From the mild wheat beer to the strong stout. From the taste to the bitterness of the hops. From the taste to the colour of the all grain malt. From the taste to the alcohol the yeast can produce.


Beer reviews

You will find a review of some of the beers I have tasted. I will write a short review of the beer, and you can find the brewerys name, originating country, the name and alcohol vol% for each beer. This is made just for fun, and it works as a reminder for me of the beers I have tasted, and if I liked them or not. The reader might find it interesting as well and get suggestions for beers to buy in the future!

Shopping for beer brewing equipment and supplies
I have made an online brew shop, to make it easier for you to buy the equipment and supplies you need to brew beer. Furthermore I have made links to suggested items on many of the pages. These items are some I use myself, so I know they are worth buying. You will find suggested reading about brewing on all my pages, since this is a good way to increase the knowledge about homemade beers and beers in general! Furthermore I have suggested some E-books about brewing for you to read.

Use these pages to make homemade beers
I sincerely hope that the users of this site, will find it useful and helpful on the topic of brewing homemade beer! I have tried to cover all aspects of the process of brewing beers. From the brewing equipment to filling the bottles at the end, and waiting for the beer to mature.

If you have any suggestions about any topics, about brewing, covered on these pages, please feel free to contact me.

All this is done to make it easier for YOU to start to make homemade beer!!



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