Review of Sort Hvede - Wheat Stout

Sort Hvede

Name: Sort Hvede

Brewery: Indslev Bryggeri

Country: Denmark

Type of beer: Wheat Stout

Alcohol vol%: 6.5

Review: Sort Hvede is dark, almost black, with a light, brown and foamy head. It has a nice, rich aroma of smoke, black liquorice and notes of coffee and chocolate. It must be served at about 12-15 celcius to get the most of the flavour and aroma of this great beer. This is a good beer for the novice stout drinker, and people that are not yet into drinking stouts and other dark beers, because it is easy to drink, even though it has a richness in aroma and flavour. A great beer, that surprised me positively the first time I drank it!

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